Our Sizing

Our Sizing Is European. What Does This Mean? 


It means our clothing is a true fit normally. However, if you're used to off the peg clothing, it may be hard to do a size comparison because brands and sizing vary so much.


The Shoulder Size Rule

If you were a size 10 when you were 20 years old, it's likely that your shoulders will still be a size 10. This is why it's often so hard to find clothes that fit on the shoulders and around our body shape. This is because our skeletal frame has usually stopped growing once we reach adulthood and it doesn't normally grow any further. Therefore we can be petite in our frame size but larger in body size. Knowing our 'true size' can be tricky but a good rule is to remember our dress size when we were 20 years old.  A size 10 on the shoulders will usually always be a size 10 but you may need a size 14 everywhere else. 

This is why we offer a Bespoke Fit Options service. We can take your measurements and cut the pattern to fit almost perfectly. (Have a look at our testimonials).

We have aimed to make our sizing flexible so if you look at the size chart below, you can see our sizes go up to a certain fit. 

To take out the guesswork, if you're not sure about your size, or if you are between sizes or an uneven size, you can contact us with your measurements before you buy from our web site. Simply tell us which styles you are interested in then email your relevant measurements and we'll email you back with a recommended size that should fit your shape and size. When measuring your bust, you need to guide the measure around your back so that the tape meets around the widest point of your bust (across the nipple). The tape should be firm but not pulled tight. When measuring your hips, the tape needs to be held around the widest point of your buttocks then pulled comfortably around the hip line just above the crotch. When measuring your waistline, the tape needs to be held comfortably around your middle just above your naval. 

As a body measurement example, if your bust measures 40 inches, your waist 29 inches and your hips 39 inches, you will need a size 14 top and a size 12 skirt.  If you're in doubt about which size to order, please email us.

Sizes are approximate below.

Size Bust  (upto) Waist (upto) Hips (upto)
10  37 in (94 cm) 27 in (69 cm) 37 in (94 cm)
12  38 in (97 cm) 29 in (74 cm) 39 in (99 cm)
14  40 in (102 cm) 31 in (79 cm) 41 in (104 cm)
16  42 in (107 cm) 33 in (84 cm) 43 in (109 cm)
18 44 in (112 cm) 35 in (89 cm) 45 in (114 cm)
- - - -
20  46 in (117 cm) 37 in (94 cm) 48 in (122 cm)
22  48 in (122 cm) 40 in (102 cm) 50 in (127 cm)
24 50 in (127 cm) 42 in (107 cm) 52 in (132 cm)
26 52 in (132 cm) 44 in (112 cm) 54 in (138 cm)