Flexible Fit Options


Did you know that if you were a size 12 when you were 20 years old, the chances are your shoulders haven't changed size despite your age or shape today. This is because once we've reached adulthood, our skeletal frame stops growing. Our shoulders may drop slightly but mostly they stay the same size. This is why women often complain that if clothes fit them on the shoulders, they don't fit anywhere else and vice versa. If you are an uneven body shape or you are weight challenged, this problem is all too common with off the peg bought clothing especially for women over certain size.


We offer a unique and personal service where once you've decided to purchase a garment you can request a tailor made length and cut to suit your height and bodyshape at no extra cost. We offer two cuts depending on your body shape and preferred style.

1. Shaped (Fitted) Cut - this style is shaped in at the waist and gives a more fitted and shape revealing fit. This cut is more suited to hour glass, rectangle, triangle and inverted triangle body shapes.

2. A line Cut. - this style is graded out into an inverted V cut. It's much looser fitting and disguises a heavier midriff, tummy and hip area. This cut is more suited to diamond or oval bodyshapes.


To order a tailor made style, simply email us your bust, waist and hip measurements when ordering a top or jacket, and waist and hip size and required hem length if ordering a skirt or trousers. We will then be able to work out which cut and size you need. Please make sure your measurements are accurate. Ask a friend to help if you're not sure how to measure your body shape. We will then work with you to create a garment that fits your body shape as near perfect as possible as long as the information you have provided is accurate.