About Nina



Luxury Boutique Women's Fashion.   

        A curated collection of bespoke, boutique fashion designed and ethically made in our studio in the very heart of rural England.
Celebrating The Feminine

'Dressing is the easy part. Being visible in the world is a skill. The best clothes are always those that no one else has got. When you stumble across them, you think you've discovered a wonderful secret that only you know. And that my dear, is the art of being different from everyone else. 

The art of being a woman and knowing how to be seen in this world today.

 Nina Wornham


A Girl Should Be Two Things

Classy & Fabulous

Coco Chanel


      About Nina

 Nina Wornham is an independent fashion designer and women’s image stylist designing and producing her own small collections of unique, individually styled, bespoke pieces of women’s luxury fashion designed and made in her own studio.

Stylish, chic and elegant, her clothing is a one off collection of dressy and relaxed day wear and beautifully designed individual wardrobe pieces all made from ​high end, luxury​ quality fabrics sourced mostly from Europe. All ​her garments are commercially produced in limited collections as one off and individual pieces. They are not available on the high street and can only be purchased directly from www.ninawornham.co.uk or from the studio.




All Nina's styles are designed to help women look and feel their confident best with the emphasis being on artistic design, originality, quality, fit and cut.  Affordably luxurious, effortlessly stylish, flexible in the fit, the styles are all designed to be ultra flattering. A tribute to the woman herself. The wearer wants to feel good in her clothes and know she's wearing something that gives her smart, classy and eye catching appeal. 



   All our garments are bespoke and uniquely designed and created in our own studio premises in England.


 We are British through and through. A homegrown business. Designed and made in England from luxury, high end fabrics, Nina's clothing designs are firmly rooted in the traditional values of excellence and couture quality. Aimed at offering women something truly special and uniquely different, they are ethically made and designed to fit the woman who wears them.
Beautifully styled, only made in small quantities and one offs, and all produced in her own studio, Nina has built an excellent and reliable reputation for exclusive women's clothing which isn't available anywhere on the high street.