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Bespoke Collections

Studio designed and individually made, bespoke clothing label produced in beautiful rural England.
Fashion designer and women's clothing stylist Nina Wornham, creates her own small collections of individually styled, bespoke pieces of women’s fashion designed and made from premium quality fabrics.


 Each garment is special. It's been carefully curated as one of a collection of small runs of studio made clothing. Not mass produced or factory made but crafted in our own workshop.

All Nina's garments are designed and individually created using only the best quality fabrics. The methods of cut, design and styling embody the very tradition of British quality, durability and sustainability.


'Dressing is the easy part. Being visible in the world is a skill. The best clothes are always those that no one else has got. When you stumble across them, you think you've discovered a wonderful secret that only you know. And that my dear, is the art of being different from everyone else.'
Nina Wornham, designer, women's stylist.


 Couture Fashion Fleece Collection

 Nina's DESIGNER LUXURY FLEECE collection is an additional range which has become hugely popular in recent years. Made from the finest quality plush, velvety feel, luxury fleece, she designs and produces an exclusive range of coats, jackets, tunics and tops which offer the unique combination of warmth, practicality, long life durability and great styling.


Free Bespoke Fit Service

To take the guesswork out of whether clothes will fit, we offer a free bespoke fit service. Simply send us your shoulder to shoulder, bust, waist and hip measurements and we can cut and make garments to fit as near perfectly as possible. You can also request a different length of sleeve or hem. Nothing is too much trouble because we can easily alter the cut of the pattern to fit most shapes and sizes. 


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