About Our Clothing

The Inspiration Behind The Look.

'Women are my inspiration, not fashion trends'.  

Nina Wornham

'The creation of a garment begins with the story of who will wear it. Then a sketch is made of an outline of the design. Next comes the understanding of the woman herself, her shape, her life, her needs, her place in the world, her anxieties, her self confidence, how she will feel when she wears it.  Will it flatter her? Will it compliment her shape? Will she feel comfortable wearing it? Will she enjoy wearing it?

All the above considerations go into the first details of a new design.  The next stage is to produce a sample which we make in our in house atelier. This is where the sketch becomes the finished product ready to be tried on, washed, pressed and put through all the wearability tests before we can say, it's perfect and ready to go on sale.

A run of garments is then made in the size range for the rails in our own boutique and the garment design goes on sale online. We use professional industrial overlockers, ( a four thread overlocker for reinforced seams to keep the shape of the garment during repeat washes) and from pattern cutting to making up, each garment is individually made.

There are four questions I always ask myself before I sit down to design a garment. How will it fit? How will it look? Will it impress the wearer? Would I wear it?

The result? Expertly crafted women's, unique, luxury clothing individually made and handfinished to perfection with a woman's shape in mind. '